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If a stakeholder (employee, client, supplier, etc.) has an idea that fits our company’s strategy and culture, we can finance or co-finance the development of the product.

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AI Security Lab

Created to address growing Al/ML risks and security concerns of Blue Trail Software's customers.
Combines cross functional teams from Blue Trail Software to apply the requisite skillset & technologies to ML risks and cybersecurity.
Maintains expertise, skills, best practice guidelines and ML security related research projects


Err0 is a unique software error management solution, which brings unparalleled maturity in the management of logs and errors as part of the software engineering process. Log and error messages were the forgotten children of software developmental, even though they are critical to reliability and security. Err0 enables mature engineering and DevOps teams to evolve from an unpredictable process in managing logs and error messages in their software to a well-defined, well-managed, and optimized state.


Helping women go through their menopause

Every person’s body differs and our daily life patterns can affect the intensity and the length of hot flashes.
My Luna helps women monitor the changes and put them under control by tracking menopausal symptoms. Our features aim to improve your quality of life.

The application has been used for various research projects, including this one (title is fighting hot flashes with diet)

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