Nested about 150 miles north of Mexico DF, Querétaro has attracted an impressive number of International companies, including Samsung, General Electric, Colgate, and Procter & Gamble, to name a few. It is also an important hub for automotive, aerospace, and technology.

In the tech sector, Axtel invested over $ 60M to build data centers, Daewoo followed shortly after with a $100 million investment to build a new platform in the Metropolitan area. In 2017, Deloitte chose Querétaro to set up its 4th regional Technology service center worldwide. Ericsson of Sweden and Safran of France launched operations in Querétaro in 2013, where Tata Consulting was already established.  

Among all Mexican cities, Querétaro is recognized as the safest and the one with the best quality of life. It has the 2nd highest GDP per capita among Mexican urban centers. The region is also famous for its production of wine and cheese.

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