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We are a California Benefit Corporation, an international team of engineers passionate about delivering sophisticated software solutions. All our projects are new leading-edge developments and require real top-notch developers. We specialize in full-stack solutions, mobile apps, web platforms, QA automation, Machine Learning, Cloud Development, DevOps and DevSecOps, IoT, Software Architecture, UX/UI, and more! Our clients are technology companies, located in the USA and Europe, ranging from ambitious start-ups to industry leaders, like Samsung for instance.

Tasks and Requirements
About our client

You will work as a part time Linux SystemAd/DevOps engineer for our client´s Lab, performing any of the tasks listed below to support the work of the Lab and the operations of the Lab’s technology products. This position is hybrid on-site/remote with three days per week on-site (6 hours per day) at the Lab, in addition to 6 hours per week available for remote support on any day of the week, with reasonable effort to respond in a timely manner.

  • Master's degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 5 years of System Administration or DevOps experience
  • High Proficiency in Linux
  • High proficiency in Docker
  • High proficiency in Git
  • High proficiency in CI/CD
  • Experience with scripting and automation tools
General scope of work will involve the following:
  • Set up and configure Ubuntu on computers to work at the Lab and in any other location they are installed at:
  • Source, build and install the physical machines
  • Use and/or set up Git repositories for all code deployed on the computer and automate deployments of new code releases
  • Continuously monitor the health of the system and set up alerts
  • Optimize system configuration including Docker container to run at lowest latency possible
  • Set up the Ubuntu system for autoboot
  • Set up remote management capabilities
  • Configure the system to integrate with USB cameras
  • Automate pulling and loading the settings of the selected camera
  • Automate start/stop streaming
  • Write scripts to simplify recording processes with different camera settings
  • Configure the computer to work under enterprise security requirements
  • Configure the Ubuntu machine to work with an iOS device (iPad)
  • Auto-run the system’s application. Manage settings to avoid interruptions, notifications, updates while in use. Auto-reboot if necessary and/or auto-diagnosis
  • Write scripts to automate the connection of the iPad to the Ubuntu computer via Ethernet
  • Configure the Ubuntu machine to work headless, with no monitor or keyboard attached to it
  • Write human-readable documentation and installation instructions for software and hardware processes related to the project
If you have:
  • Good oral and written English communication skills
  • An open, analytical, and creative mindset
  • A proactive, positive, and independent attitude
  • Good collaboration skills and you are a team player
We Offer

At joining BTS you will enjoy a culture and company values' aligned to Silicon Valley. We treat our folks very well!

    Blue Trail Software is an equal opportunity employer. Inclusion and diversity are core values of our company. Our recruiting decisions are based solely on your experience and skills. We value creative people who think outside the box, willing to empower themselves.

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